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It�s not possible to separate prostitution from pornography � not only because pornography is itself filmed prostitution, and many of the actresses have been coerced into it and meet the definition of being trafficked.
But also because of pornography�s use in the grooming of individual girls and young women into accepting prostitution and acts they would not otherwise tolerate. In fact, you could say that the widespread availability of online porn grooms all our young people into accepting prostitution and the objectification of women and girls.
Ann Olivarius, a lawyer experienced in cases concerning the sex industry, says that some of the most traumatised people she�s ever met are prostituted women whose customers have acted out things they�ve seen in porn films on them.
Next we�re going to look at the reality of prostitution, mostly using graphic art. You may find this distressing, but we do need to face the reality, if we�re to understand what is an appropriate solution.
Prostitution is deeply gendered. Here is a photo of women waiting for punters in a Nevada brothel.
The flow of punters is unpredictable, and the women must maintain a state of perpetual readiness, and compete against each other for the punters� attention.
And here we see women in a late 19th Century Parisian brothel lined up in their underwear for a punter. Notice the punter is fully clad and he�s sizing them up as if they�re merchandise. Notice the expressions on the women�s faces. Compare their expressions with the punter�s.
So what does he buy?
He buys the use of her body, including her vagina, rectum, mouth, and breasts. This is the core of prostitution. This is not a service: rather he is renting the use of her body.
This autobiographical art, from the �Brothel Girl� Tumblr blog, brilliantly captures the reality of prostitution. As we go through, notice the expression on her face.
While he�s using her, she has to pretend she�s enjoying it, or she has to act out his fantasy, and she has to pretend she thinks he�s great. No matter what she�s actually thinking or feeling, she has to maintain this pretence.
This is part of the deal. Part of what he�s buying.
He buys the �right� to say whatever he wants � no matter how insulting. Punters commonly call her things like �bitch� and �whore.� That�s part of the deal too.
He buys the �right� to be in control.
Here we see him engaging in �reverse oral� or cunnilingus. This is a fairly standard part of indoor prostitution. Clearly this is not about him having a sexual climax; it�s about him demanding that she has a sexual response to him. Maybe that helps him pretend it�s a consensual arrangement.
The prostitution encounter takes place outside normal social conventions. In the words of Julia O�Connell Davidson, he�s allowed to treat her as if she�s socially dead; as if she�s not a human being. Or in the words of a survivor, �like a public toilet.�
And if we think back to the expressions of the women in the line-up, she�s expected to look willing. And the punter interprets this as a free choice to engage in the encounter.
What does it mean for society if we can treat some people as if they�re not human beings?
And what does it mean for her?
Think about your own response to a stranger groping your breasts or touching or assaulting you sexually. Obviously responses vary but typically they�d include emotions like alarm, disgust, fear, anger, violation.
Yet such acts are the essence of prostitution.
So to exist in prostitution, you have to suppress your involuntary responses, and even pretend you�re enjoying it. This requires dissociating from your feelings, from your true self. This can cause long term psychological difficulties. And many women turn to drugs or alcohol just to endure it.
Although some women go into prostitution to fund a drug habit, it�s more common to turn to drugs or alcohol once you�re in it � because it�s the only way you can bear it.
Here�s a quote from a survivor of prostitution that illustrates this: �I�d numb my feelings� I�d actually leave my body and go somewhere else with my thoughts and feelings until he got off me and it was over with. I don�t know how else to explain it except it felt like rape. It was rape to me.�
Alice Glass says that all the prostituted women she met during her ten years in prostitution, �carried with them the same bundles of neurosis, addiction and melancholy. Without exception.�
PTSD is an anxiety disorder that develops in response to traumatic or life-threatening experiences, such as war, sexual assault, or accidents. Symptoms can be physically and emotionally crippling and are sometimes delayed for months or even years. And they�re usually worse when the trauma is deliberately inflicted by a human being or repeated over time.
In one study, 68% of women in prostitution met the criteria for PTSD. This is a similar prevalence to that seen in combat veterans.
A German study based on medical examinations of 1,000 women in prostitution found that:
Most suffer from chronic lower abdominal pain caused by inflammation and mechanical trauma. Most show signs of premature ageing, a symptom of persistent stress. Most had injuries caused by the overuse of their delicate sexual organs and orifices. Most had injuries deliberately inflicted by punters.

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In het Nieuws 10 juni 2017.
Franklin Waterval onderhield warme banden met Dino Bouterse en Desi Bouterse en onderhield contact met de omstreden Surinaamse Counter Intelligence Unit. Er wordt omtrent de mogelijke betrokkenheid van Piet Wortel bij de moord op Franklin Waterval druk gespeculeerd in Surinaamse kringen. Franklin Waterval en Piet Wortel hadden het regelmatig over een zekere Baas-Man. Franklin Waterval bracht boodschap over aan Piet Wortel dat deze laatste namens �Baas-Man� de Surinaamse onderwereld zou gaan controleren.
Piet Wortel was hoofdverdachte in de zaak Tidore. Tidore is codenaam van onderzoek dat in 2010 is gestart nadat in de haven van Rotterdam ruim 1.100 kilo cocaine werd aangetroffen in een lading whisky. Tidore is het grootste onderzoek naar wereldwijde grootschalige cocainehandel dat de Nationale Recherche heeft gedaan. Desi Bouterse wordt genoemd in de zaak Tidore. Piet Wortel kreeg zeven jaar cel vanwege betrokkenheid bij grote cocainetransporten. Piet Wortel was medeverdachte van Haroun �Harry� A. van Haroun �Harry� A wordt gezegd dat hij een buiten kind – zoon – van Baas. (Desi Bouterse) Haroun �Harry� A is verdachte in de zaak Tidore.
Haroun �Harry� A is nu verdachte in het witwasonderzoek naar onder andere twee schroothandelaren uit Nieuw-Schoonebeek. Andre Bakker is de hoofdverdachte in het witwasonderzoek Nieuw-Schoonebeek. Andre Bakker is oud-ijzerhandelaar afkomstig uit Nieuw-Schoonebeek en heeft bedrijven op Sint Maarten en in Suriname.
Info uit onderzoek No Surrender.
5 maart 2017 De Telegraaf.
Witwasspoor leidt naar vriend Bouterse.
2 mei 2017 John van den Heuvel en Mick van Wely Telegraaf.
Opnieuw komt een groot rechercheonderzoek akelig dicht in de buurt van de Desi Bouterse. Dirk Staphorst, een persoonlijk contact van Desi Bouterse, speelt een belangrijke rol in een zaak rond het witwassen van 8 miljoen euro. Het rechercheonderzoek met de naam �Lenwe� is zeer omvangrijk. Het OM legt voor 8 miljoen euro beslag op panden. Twee schroothandelaren, waaronder Andre Bakker, uit Nieuw-Schoonebeek en Sint Maarten staan centraal in de zaak. Ze importeren oud metaal via bedrijven uit Suriname en Sint Maarten.
De recherche focust op geldstromen van en naar deze twee mannen. Een van de personen die naar voren komen, is Luz Mery Mejia Cardano, een vrouw die is geboren in het Colombiaanse Cali met de bijnaam �Mammie. Luz Mery Mejia Cardano is getrouwd met Dirk Staphorst geboren in Nijmegen. Hij blijkt in Suriname te verblijven.
Uit tapgesprekken blijkt dat twee schroothandelaren uit Nieuw-Schoonebeek vermoedelijk een lening hebben gekregen van 200.000 euro van Dirk Staphorst . Ze praten over het betalen van een rentebedrag van 24.000 euro. Een van de mannen werd in april vorig jaar nog aangehouden in Amsterdam met 100.000 euro, waarvan hij de herkomst niet kon verklaren.
21 februari 2017
In Suriname is de smokkel van coke het laatste jaar geexplodeerd. �Deze massale smokkel kan alleen gebeuren met medeweten van de overheid. Het is een ongelooflijk zorgwekkende ontwikkeling�, zeiden de Surinaamse oud-politiecommissaris van Paramaribo Chan Santokhi en parlementslid Krishna Mathoera in een interview met deze krant in maart.
23 augustus 2016 De moord op Franklin Waterval Laatste update dossier:
Bouterse is eerder gezien in het bijzijn van zware criminelen. Eerder publiceerde De Telegraaf foto�s waarop Bouterse poseert naast een in augustus in Paramaribo geliquideerde topcrimineel. En het kan nog dichter bij huis. De zoon van Bouterse, Dino, zit in de Verenigde Staten een straf van 16 jaar uit voor coke- en wapensmokkel.
29 maart 2017 Crimesite.
De politie heeft woensdag nog een verdachte aangehouden in het internationale witwas- en cocaineonderzoek rond een schroothandelaar uit Nieuw-Schoonebeek. De 47-jarige man uit Almere was op 13 maart, aangehouden voor een ander onderzoek.
In de woning van de man is huiszoeking gedaan. Daarbij is beslag gelegd op 100.000 euro aan contanten, een stroomstootwapen en een waardevol horloge.
De recherche heeft Haroun �Harry� A. (47), Surinaamse man uit Almere aangehouden die eerder verdachte was in het cocaine-onderzoek Tidore, waarin ook de Surinaamse president Desi Bouterse werd genoemd. Haroun �Harry� A wordt verdacht van witwassen. Van Haroun �Harry� A wordt gezegd dat hij een buiten kind – zoon – van Baas (Desi Bouterse)
Suri-Kartel springlevend, crimefighters maken zich zorgen.
21 februari 2017
Bijna maandelijks worden enorme hoeveelheden �Surinaamse� cocaine onderschept in en buiten Nederland. Terwijl de economie ineenstort, floreert de handel in coke. Twee van de beste en meest fanatieke crimefighters van Suriname zijn uitermate bezorgd over de gevolgen van de smokkel in hun land en Nederland.
We spreken in Paramaribo met oud-politiecommissaris van Paramaribo en parlementslid Krishna Mathoera en voormalig officier van justitie en politiechef, Chandrikapersad Santokhi. Beiden zijn van de oppositiepartij VHP.
�Er gaat veel meer cocaine via Suriname naar Europa dan ooit tevoren. In de jaren tachtig landden vliegtuigen op airstrips in Suriname met meestal zo�n 500 kilo. Nu worden er partijen van 1000 kilo of meer gesmokkeld�, vertelt Mathoera in een horecagelegenheid in het centrum van Paramaribo. Achter haar wuiven de palmen uit de tuin van het presidentiele paleis van Bouterse.

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Change Filipina to Latina and the rest of it’s interchangeable. Bendricks has its prattle about “women who enjoy exuding an aura of sexual vibrancy.“ Solo Adventures promises “stunning sensual women providing warm, friendly, and very personal intimate service.“ The Web pages of freelancers extolling the purportedly genuine sensuality of Latin women run into the thousands.
Ken Franzblau, a consultant for Equality Now (the women’s-rights organization that started the campaign to get Big Apple shut down), has been calling tour companies for almost a decade, posing as a potential client, listening to the pitches, even checking references with satisfied customers. It’s been a nine-year tape loop playing over the phone. “It’s talked about, I guess, like the guys in Ponce de León’s expedition talking about the Fountain of Youth,“ he says. “ ‘You won’t believe it. Women throw themselves at you, as much sex as you want. You’ll feel like Tom Cruise.’ They always say you’ll feel like Tom Cruise. Except for the guys who are really old. They’ll tell you you’ll feel like John Wayne.“
The level of self-delusion is stupefying. In April, for instance, a guy who calls himself “Jacó Lover“ posted a report on his second trip in two years to the Costa Rican coast, where he got the “total GFE“—girlfriend experience—“for $100, including spending the night.“ The highlight: “She happily let me eat her very pretty pussy, and if she wasn’t having an orgasm, then she was a damned good actress.“
Golly, you think?
“There’s a part of them that’s lying to themselves and creating this fantasy and believing these girls actually like them,“ says Donna M. Hughes, a professor at the University of Rhode Island who, for sixteen years, has been studying prostitutes and the men who pay them. “They’re really just deluding themselves. And I really think that keeping the online diaries is a way of reliving the fantasy. They can edit out any sign that she didn’t enjoy this and didn’t want to be with this guy.“
Which, unless she is as rare among prostitutes as virgins, she didn’t. To believe she did is to ignore a basic truth of human nature: No one really wants to be a whore. A statistical summary of women in prostitution is a chronicle of human wreckage—economic, physical, and chemical. A 2003 survey of prostitutes in nine countries—Canada, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, and Zambia—headed up by a clinical psychologist named Melissa Farley revealed women who’d suffered astonishing rates of childhood sexual abuse (from 34 percent in Turkey to 84 percent in Canada and Zambia) or physical abuse (39 percent of Thais to 73 percent of Canadians); current or past homelessness (84 percent in the United States); and current drug problems (75 percent in the United States and 95 percent in Canada). The results of a 1999 UNICEF study of child prostitutes in Costa Rica between the ages of 11 and 16—and since most prostitutes start before they turn 18, it’s relevant—were worse: 80 percent had been sexually abused before their twelfth birthday, 62 percent had been physically abused, and 60 percent smoked crack daily. And the most telling statistic from Farley’s survey? Almost every prostitute she talked to wanted out, from 68 percent in Mexico to 92 percent in, of all places, Thailand, the world’s premier sex destination.
“I tell you what,“ says Franzblau. “If these guys knew how many of these girls are thinking about sticking a knife in their back while they’re having sex with them, they’d be amazed. Forget amazed. They’d be staying home.“
But they don’t know, so they keep coming. Who cares what the tourist board says? The hotel clerks, the bartenders, the cabbies—they’re all part of the fantasy, all in on the hustle. No one looks at you funny down here if you want to get a girl for the night or just for an hour. No one calls you a loser if you pay to get laid.
There’s a tico named…well, forget his name. He used to be in the business of taking horny gringo dollars, used to manage a club, and he doesn’t want to piss off his old boss. Then again, he’s not too happy with how this is all turning out for his country. “Remember Bush, the first one, when he said ‘the New World Order’?“ he says. “In the New World Order, we’re the playground.“
Grab a cab at the airport, and even if the driver speaks no English he’ll say, “ Chicas, sí? “ and he’ll know you understand. Tell him you want to go to a club, and he’ll drop you off at a strip joint like the one the tico used to manage, and he’ll collect a thousand colones from the club owner for delivering you. Americans, the tico says, are like “Attila, you know, the Hun,“ but they’ve got dollars. Pay the cover—ten bucks, including two drinks—and watch the show: strippers, then a live lesbian act, then $2 lap dances, then an amateur act…all in an hour and, damn, it’s only a Tuesday night. Resist the hard sell for a private dance in the back, two bucks a minute, six minutes minimum. Then quit resisting. Follow her into a bland room with a wastebasket full of tissues and Wet-Naps. “Tip enough,“ the tico says, “and they’re all hookers.“ Want to take her out of the club? One-fifty to the house, one-fifty to her.

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