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What has been reported from Asma, al-Nesa�i narrates it from Muslim Quri: �We went before Asma bint Abu Bakr and we asked her about Mut�ah al-Nisa, she replied: �I performed this Mut�ah during the lifetime of Rasulullah. �� (Source: http://www.almeshkat.net. Volume 3 No. 1506)
With how many men she contracted Mut�a ? Well, as Muslim scholars like to say, Allah knows best. Of course, some Muslims at that time would have had concerns that their women would become nothing more than whores through this practice. Their concerns are valid. As we can see, even a woman from an upstanding household, the very daughter of Caliph Abu Bakr, ventured out and offered herself to contract Mut�a with the Muslim males. Women were deceived to the point that they are unable to discern right from wrong. Calling prostitution by any other name does not make it right.
Abraham Lincoln once asked, �If you call a tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?� When someone said �five�, Lincoln said that was wrong, because calling a tail a leg does not make it so. Similarly, calling prostitution a marriage, even temporarily, does not make it so.
Imagine, Muslim mothers proudly testifying about their participation in fornication to their sons. Abdullah ibn Alzubair was opposed to Mut�a . And he voiced his opposition to Mut�a when debating with Ibn Abbas . Ibn Abbas silenced Abdullah ibn Zubayr by informing him that he was a product of Mut�a . In the esteemed works of al-Raghib al-Isfahani , this event is reported in Muhazraat, Volume 2, p. 96:
� Ibn Zubair denounced Ibn Abbas for his opinion on Mut�ah. Thus Ibn Abbas told him: �Go and ask your mother what she did with your father.� When Ibn Zubair asked her, she said: �By God, I did not conceive you except through Mut�ah .�
Like a magical wand in the hands of a wicked sorcerer, Islam turns descent women into whores in an instant. Islam�s witchcraft is so potent that the victims are unaware of what they have actually become � prostitutes and adulteresses. Islam not only robs one�s dignity but also one�s mind.
Among the Muslim legists who believed that Muhammad made Mut�a lawful at the inception of Islam are: Ibn�Abbas , Ibn Mas�ud , Sahih al Bukhari , Sahih Muslim , Ibn Hisham , Ibn Kathir , Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya , al-Imam al-Baydawi and the Imam Fakhr al-Razi . All these scholars are heavyweights in Islam and their testimonies are sufficient to prove that Mut�a was an integral part of Islam. These scholars are recognized by all the contemporary scholars of Islam. And all the contemporary scholars of Islam agree that Mut�a was made lawful at the inception of Islam.
It is also important to note that the scholars who confirmed that Mut�a was not abolished in Islam are among the most esteemed scholars. Among these are esteemed scholars such as Ibn Abbas , Ibn Mas�ud and Imam Fakhr al-Razi . Moreover, as we have noted, even Caliph Umar who prohibited Mut�a was later shown to have reinstated it. As stated earlier, even if Sunni Muslims were to claim that Mut�a was allowed only for a short time during the onset of Islam, it still shows that Islam authorized fornication, adultery, and prostitution in its theology. Can we then trust this religion to provide us with sound moral guidance? Can we trust a religion that turns women into whores? Can we trust a religion that has a moral standard that is lower then the �permissive societies in ancient and modern history� ?
Ample proof has been provided in this article to show that Mut�a was authorized in Islam and it is still in force today. The claim by Sunni Muslims that it is no longer allowed in Islam does not essentially change anything. For Allah to sanction a morally wrong course even once shows that he simply cannot be the true God. And this automatically disqualifies Islam as the true religion. As for Muslims who express shock at the practice of Mut�a , they are either hypocrites or ignorant of their religion. Why do we say that?
If Islam allows the raping of female war captives in the presence of their husbands, then to pay a dower to have sex with a woman with her permission is considered noble by Islamic standards. The moral darkness of Islam is so great that even whoredom appears noble. When a religion degrades to such low levels, it should be shunned at all costs. A spiritually bankrupt religion can only appeal to the carnal to survive. The light at the end of the Islamic tunnel is indeed dark.
Imam Ahmad recorded that Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri said, �We captured some women from the area of Awtas who were already married, and we disliked having sexual relations with them because they already had husbands. So, we asked the Prophet about this matter, and this Ayah was revealed: �(Also (forbidden are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess). Consequently, we had sexual relations with these women.� (This is the wording collected by At-Tirmidhi An-Nasa�i, Ibn Jarir and Muslim in his Sahih.) (Reference at Tafsir.com )
Can you now see the moral mire of this religion? Islam removes every fiber of decency that humans are endowed with and reduces them to levels lower than that of animals. Men, who were reluctant to rape the married captives just moments ago, now, raped these very women with an untroubled conscience after they received a single verse from Allah. Can Muslims really worship a god whose moral levels are so unimaginably evil? How much more evil must it take for Muslims to see that Allah cannot be the true God? These teachings of Islam do not represent the righteous moral standards of a Holy God. The holiness of the true God is so profound that those who desire to worship him are expected to reflect his holiness in their lives. This righteousness that is required of all true worshippers of Jehovah is highlighted in the following Biblical verse:

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